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Red Crescent

The power of humanity can create positive change in the world, but we must do the following.

  • We can protect human life and health by medical treatment against diseases like Coronavirus (COVID-19), which helps to protect the health of the entire population.
  • We must encourage respect for human beings because respect is important for any successful relationship, whether it be between family members, colleagues, or even strangers. Respect is the foundation of trust and understanding.
  • We must ensure that everyone is given the same opportunities and rights, regardless of their race, gender, religion, or any other factor, and this encourages people to work hard and helps to promote fairness and justice.
  • Help people to learn about different cultures, religions, and lifestyles.
  • Laws are essential for ensuring that everyone is treated fairly and by having laws in place we protect humans.

My country Kuwait provides help all over the world through the Kuwait Red Crescent Society.

The Kuwait Red Crescent Society has helped people in Bangladesh, Iran, Turkey, Syria, and all over the world.

The Red Crescent is a symbol used in Muslim countries. The symbol is red on white so it can be seen easily in wars, and disasters.