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Why Does the Middle East Have the Lowest Cancer Rates in the World – Dr. Berg

Now, this is a very interesting topic.
Why do people in the middle east have some of the lowest rates of cancer, if we compare this to the entire world?

Let’s do a deep dive now.
The other name for the middle east is west Asia. Now what’s conflicting about this information is they have a very low cancer rate, but very high consumption of sugar rate and I’ve done all the videos on this where sugar feeds cancer.

So, the question is how they are actually getting lower rates of cancer despite consuming so much sugar. In fact, the middle east consumes more sugar than pretty much any other part of the world now. Yes, they have a lot of diabetes, and they have obesity, and they have other issues, but cancer is on the low side now.

If we take the average of how many people get cancer in the entire world it’s 198 people out of every 100 000 people get cancer. Now, if we look at individual parts of the middle east, we have:

  • Saudi Arabia 96 people get cancer out of a hundred thousand.
  • Yemen 97.
  • Oman 104.
  • Qatar 107.
  • UAE 107.
  • Kuwait is 116.

So, you can see if you live in these countries you have much less risk of getting cancer. Let’s compare this with:

  • Australia 468.
  • Ireland is 374.
  • Hungary 368.
  • United States 352.

So, what is so unique about the middle east.
Fasting Ramadan, Ramadan is a religious fast that extends over the course of one month. Now that one month is just one month of the entire year. What blows my mind is they’re fasting right after sunrise to sunset so they’re usually eating before that and eating after that.

Ramadan is considered a type of intermittent fasting only for one month and produces a tremendous decrease in rates of getting cancer that’s quite remarkable.

Why does fasting help with preventing cancer well it starves cancer do you realize there are between 10 and 50 times more insulin receptors in a cancer cell versus a normal cell what does that mean that means that cancer cells have a very avid or greedy hunger for glucose because they have more receptors to eat glucose.

This is how they diagnose cancer through a pet scan identifies areas in the body that have a very high metabolism of sugar, so cancer loves sugar and when you’re fasting you’re not consuming sugar all right number two autophagy fasting stimulates autophagy which is a condition that helps to recycle old damaged proteins it helps to recycle old damaged things like damaged mitochondria.

If we look at what cancer really is it’s damage to your mitochondria when the mitochondria have damaged the mitochondria then adapts its metabolic system to a different way of dealing with the energy it for immense glucose when you fast you kick in this autophagy and you’re recycling damaged mitochondria which are going to decrease your risk for cancer.

The third thing about fasting is that when you fast you generate new immune cells you strengthen your immune system becomes stronger you generate more killer cells which directly kill cancer cells and viruses and you also stimulate more helper cells which indirectly help reduce cancer all right next point about fasting it’s one of the best things to get rid of inflammation cancer tends to spread.

Migrate into areas of inflammation so fasting is one of the most potent anti-inflammatories so it’s going to reduce the risk of cancer being spread also when you fast you increase the antioxidant networks of the body so these things that actually protect you against free radicals.

Free radical damage like in the mitochondria is improved or enhanced when you fast so that’s going to decrease the risk of getting cancer right off the bat fasting is one of the oldest therapies even Hippocrates mentioned fasting quite extensively and he had an interesting quote but to eat when sick is to feed the illness. So when you’re ill you don’t want to eat very frequently and he was considered the foundational father of medicine.

Fasting is number one number, No. two would be the spices that people eat in the middle east turmeric, loaded with anti-cancer properties and it’s one of the best things to get rid of inflammation. Saffron has a certain phytonutrient that’s very anti-cancer. Cardamom anti-cancer properties, Nutmeg, caraway, cinnamon, and coriander all have anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties. Plus, on top of those certain foods that have additional anti-cancer properties black seeds olive oil dill sesame seeds, and dates.

Now I don’t recommend consuming dates if you’re trying to lose weight or if you’re doing the ketogenic diet but there are certain phytonutrients in dates that have anti-cancer properties.

Number three is low tobacco usage for women in the Middle East. Not men, that’s probably increased but women and if you actually add up the women and the men the reduced weight of women using tobacco is so low it makes the whole average come way down.

I mean take a look at this twenty percent of the population smokes, that’s one out of every five people yet if we look at women in the middle east in Iraq it’s three percent not twenty percent, Yemen it’s nine percent, compared to 20 percent worldwide and then we have Kuwait which is only three percent, Saudi Arabia two percent the UAE 0.8 percent of the entire female population.

smokes that’s very insignificant compared to the worldwide average and then we get Oman 0.7 compared to 20 percent the insignificant amount of women in that area of the world.

Now if we compare that to women in Chile it’s 40 that’s more than two times the world average and then Serbia is 41 so smoking is definitely linked to cancer you already know that in fact the risk of getting cancer if you smoke or chew tobacco is 22 times the risk compared to people that do not smoke or chew tobacco 25 of all cancers out there are caused by either smoking or chewing tobacco.

The other thing you need to realize is there are 5000 different chemicals in tobacco, in cigarettes and 70 of them have a direct link to cancer just as a side note vaping also is linked to cancer of the colon of the lung because of the nicotine and other chemicals.

Number four alcohol is prohibited in most areas of the middle east drinking alcohol increases the risk of six different types of cancer if you drink alcohol you’re more at risk of getting cancer of the liver and also of the oral pharyngeal area which is the area in the back of the throat and also includes the back of the tongue and the upper roof of the mouth and it just so happens people in the middle east have the lowest rate of getting cancer in this area of the body.

The areas of the world that have the highest risk of getting this cancer are western Europe northern Europe and north America.

All right now the question is they’re doing all these spices they’re fasting they’re not smoking as much and they’re not drinking alcohol as much then why aren’t these numbers even lower.

Well, it’s probably because they consume more sugar than any other area of the world as well as more high fructose corn syrup and cancer loves sugar it could also be linked to the obesity situation over 30 percent of the population is obese and there’s more risk of getting cancer if you’re obese. Also, they have very low vitamin D levels in fact eighty percent of the population is low in vitamin D and vitamin D is very important in protecting someone against cancer and reducing the risk and it just so happens when you consume that much sugar you’re going to also deplete vitamin D and vitamin D is essential in keeping your immune system very strong.

Then one last thing is called polymorphism what is polymorphism that is this condition where the genetics or the genes are altered in a way that there’s kind of like a defect in the genes and there’s a higher ratio of people with this genetic defect in the vitamin D receptor.

For vitamin D so if your receptor is defective and you can’t absorb vitamin D as well. For some reason then you’re going to be low in vitamin D.

If you do live in the middle east what you should be doing is taking more vitamin D on a regular basis. All right now that you know why the middle east has lower rates of getting cancer.

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