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Rigger assembles and installs rigging gear such as cables, ropes, pulleys, and winches to lift, lower, move, or position machinery, structural steel, and other heavy objects.  

Immediate Supervisor provides general supervision and checks completed jobs.


  • Maintain daily contact with the immediate Supervisor for work assignments, guidance and assistance.
  • Maintain harmonious working relation with co-workers.


  1. Examine objects to be move, estimate their size, shape and weight and decide on the type of equipment necessary.
  2. Erect a temporary jib or derrick if required, and install cables, pulleys and other tackle.
  3. Choose or make slinging equipment and attach it to the load.
  4. Erect cranes and mobile cranes booms.
  5. Splice ropes and cables to make slings and tackle.
  6. Inspect, maintain and repair equipment.
  7. Ensure that safety requirements are at all times.
  8. Should be able to read load charts and follow standard rigging hand signals.


Three (3) years of experience in rigging, lifting, and movements of items.