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When it comes to handling motor vehicles, every driver considers himself an expert. But even experts can learn from the experience of others and from their own observations.

Hereunder are a few basic rules that will help you to reduce traffic accidents.

  1. Adjust your speed to meet local conditions such as road surfaces, weather conditions, and other traffic.
  2. In slow traffic, make sure that you pay full attention to the road and do not keep too close to the car in front of you.
  3. At an intersection, when the light turns green in your favor, do not speed off immediately. Instead, check to see whether any car runs the red light from the side road.
  4. Keep to the right, particularly when turning corners. Many accidents are caused by “Cutting” corners and taking wide sweeps in the opposite direction before turning.
  5. Dip your headlights and keep them dipped all the time oncoming traffic is approaching. Remembers that thirds of the traffic deaths occur at night even though only one-third of the miles driven are after sunset.
  6. Keep an emergency kit comprising a reflective triangle, first aid kit, gloves, jumper cables, tool kit, cloth, water, etc. in your car.
  7. If you are stressed or tired, drive to the road shoulder or a car park and take a nap.
  8. Give clear signals and let other drivers know in plenty of time what intended to do.
  9. Use your rear view mirror and watch for vehicles pulling out to overtake you.
  10. Make sure you get the right size child’s safety seat for your child.
  11. Keep a safe distance from the vehicles in front.
  12. Check the tires every two weeks when the tires are cold.
  13. Don’t park near corners or roundabouts.
  14. Do not use a mobile phone.