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Home Safety and Security

Home safety and security are important and an accident, injury, fire, or theft can occur in your home. In this article we will refer to the risks and dangers at home and also we have included a few tips related to security. Therefore, you are kindly requested to take the following points into consideration to make your home a safe place for you and your family.

  • Make sure that all appliances and electronic devices unplugged when not in use.
  • Checked for other potential electrical fire hazards, such as overloaded electrical sockets and electrical wires running under carpets.
  • Make sure that televisions, computers, and stereo equipment positioned against walls.
  • Install suitable fire extinguishers on every floor and in the kitchen. Make sure that your family members know how to use it.
  • Slip and trip at home are very common and can cause serious injuries. Therefore, make sure that stairways and walkways clear of tripping hazards, such as loose carpeting, toys or anything blocking a clear path to prevent falls.
  • To prevent falls in the dark, put lights and light switches at the top and bottom of the stairs.
  • Install security camera CCTV .
  • Install smoke detectors on each floor of your home.
  • Test all smoke detectors monthly and change the batteries every six month or when alarm peeps.
  • Store all prescription and nonprescription medications, cosmetics, and cleaners in a locked cabinet.
  • Stored matches and lighters in a locked cabinet.
  • Never leave candles or other open flames burning unattended.
  • Douse cigarette butts with water before dumping them in the trash.
  • Keep flammable objects away from the kitchen stove, and store flammable liquids or materials outside the house.
  • Secured all hanging mirrors and frames.
  • Don’t leave keys under doormats and when you travel give a spare key to trusted neighbor or nearby friend.
  • Make sure your house number is visible from the street it should be easily spotted, in case an emergency’s Vehicle need to look for it.
  • Finally, keep your house looking lived-in when you’re away e.g.
    • Arrange for the lawn to be moved.
    • Stop mail delivery.
    • Install timers for selected lights.