Performs a wide variety of highly skilled work on all types of machinery, equipment, and plant, including fault diagnosing, repairing, overhauling, fabrication of parts, stripping, re-assembling, re-aligning, and testing either in a workshop or in the field. 


  • Reports to In-Charge Mechanic of the assigned work location. 
  • Works in accordance with standing instructions, established procedures, and craft standards. Supervisor checks complete work. 
  • Accountable for proper inspection of machinery and for performing assigned maintenance, repair, and overhaul tasks to required tasks. 


  • Has daily contact with immediate work associates and occasionally with employees of other divisions when required to work on-site.  


  1. Carrying out maintenance, repairs, and overhauling all types of mobile, static plant machinery and equipment such as engines, transmissions, hydraulic and crawler cranes, trucks, pumps, compressors, gears, winches, valves, and other equipment used throughout all areas of company’s operations. 
  1. Stripping inspecting and diagnosing malfunctions of faulty parts, repairing/replacing and re-fitting defective parts of machinery and plants as required. 
  1. Overhauling/repairing all types of equipment, testing, and making final adjustments for smooth operation. 
  1. Fabrication of a wide variety of parts to very close tolerance, working from sketches or drawing or even worn or damaged samples. 
  1. Fabrication of high-pressure hoses as required. 
  1. Making simple sketches as templates as required to assist others in the manufacturing process. 
  1. Using various types of machine tools available such as drilling machines accurately and safely. 
  1. Using all types of hand and power tools such as hammers, chisels, files, hacksaws, scrapers, grinders, drills, and winches with a great degree of personal skill. 
  1. Using all types of precision instruments. Tools and devices such as micrometers, verniers, calipers, rules, protractors alignment indicators, and devices to a high degree of competence and accuracy. Converts inches to metric measurements accurately. 
  1. Carrying out other related duties such as directing the work of assigned mechanics, maintaining good housekeeping, obtaining materials when requested, and training mechanics. 
  1. Perform other related minor work such as installing and removing tyres, batteries, seats, etc. to continue with the mechanical work required. 
Automotive Interior Accessories


  • Completion of Secondary education (12 years) plus 2-year Diploma in Mechanical / Automobile Engineering. 
  • Minimum 4 years of work experience in the field of repairing equipment, such as cranes, trucks, loaders, forklifts, pumps, compressors, etc. 

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