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This article is about car fire safety. Cars can catch fire because of mechanical or electrical problems. Also, cars catch fire because of bad crashes or accidents.
For your safety and the other passengers, you are kindly requested to follow the instruction below if your car is on fire:

  1. Pull over quickly to a safe location of the road.
  2. Turn off the engine immediately after full stopping.
  3. Get everyone out of the car.
  4. Do not return to a burning car.
  5. Maintain a safe distant from the burning car. (At least 30 meters)
  6. Call emergency number for help.

To prevent a car fire or to minimize risks, take the following precautions:

  • Service your car regularly, and have it inspected at least annually by a trained, professional technician.
  • Check for any malfunctioning parts, oil or fluid leaks and for loose wiring.
  • Check for electrical problem and maintain the car’s battery.
  • Check high temperature and watch for fluid leaks under vehicles.
  • Repaired exhaust system if problems are suspected.
  • Keep fire extinguishers handy.
  • Avoid smoking in your vehicle.
  • keep the interior of your vehicle free of paper and trash.
  • Avoid carrying containers of gasoline in your vehicle.
  • If a fuse blows more than once, check the electrical system because there is a faulty component or a wiring problem.
  • If the fire under the bonnet, do not lift the bonnet as a rush of air could cause the fire to flare-up resulting in serious burns. Only release the bonnet catch.

IMPORTANT: Smoke from burning plastic contains many toxic substances. Avoid breathing smoke at all costs.