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Helium hotspot mining is so profitable and fun, these little microcomputers barely use any electricity earning HUGE passive income mining cryptocurrency.

Google Ventures backed Helium and for good reason, Helium Inc. is building a decentralized network powered by the blockchain and pays miners to set up a Helium hotspot miner in their home.

Helium hotspot miner are really profitable depending on your location, but even “lonewolf” miners are super profitable for a miner that previously only cost ~$300 but now due to intense demand and increased Helium mining profitability the average Helium miner costs $500.

Bobcatminer and their Bobcat 300 is the best Helium hotspot miner that we have reviewed in person, it looks really cool, it is the most profitable crypto mining rig per watt, and they have big manufacturing capabilities.

Buying a Bobcat Helium miner is harder than buying some other miners due to Mugglepay, and that is another reason why you are likely to get this Bobcat miner quicker than the RAK Helium miner, the Nebra Helium miner, and the Syncrobit Helium miner.

Let’s review the best and thus most profitable Helium miner, the Bobcatminer Bobcat 300 Helium miner!