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Job description In-Charge Mechanic


Performs and directs all types of mechanical maintenance work which includes maintenance workshop activities, overhauls, breakdown and repairs of machinery and heavy equipment.


  • Reports to Foreman of the assigned work location.
  • Works according to standing instruction, established procedures and crafts standards.
  • Accountable for proper inspection of machinery and for performing assignment maintenance, repair, and overhaul tasks to required standards.


  • Maintain daily contact with the shop foreman for work assignment and instruction.
  • Has daily contacts with immediate associates and employees of other divisions when required to work on site.


  1. Directs the activities of personnel engaged in all work associated with maintenance, repairs, and overhauls.
  2. Inspects and carries out routine preventive maintenance, repairs and overhauling of all types of mobile and static plants such as Cranes, Trucks, Dozer, Loaders, Forklifts, Compressor etc. using all types of tools and special equipment considered necessary for the performance of the work.
  3. Diagnosis malfunctions of faulty parts/ components, repair / replaces and refit defective parts of machinery as required, after obtaining the approval of the foreman.
  4. Supervises and ensures that repair work is carried out in accordance with industrial standards and practices.
  5. Ensures that workshop support facilities are made available and fully serviceable, making frequent inspections, testing periodically and supervising installation and maintenance thereof. Reports malfunction to the foreman and recommends corrective action.
  6. Prepares simple sketches and reads detailed drawings as required for the performance of the work.
  7. Reports material required  and submits daily written reports of work completed together with accurate assessment of completion dates for outstanding work.
  8. Ensures that all works carried out are in accordance with safety regulations and standing instructions.
  9. Carries out other related duties such as driving / operating the equipment during the troubleshooting and testing. Maintaining good housekeeping and obtaining materials when requested and training subordinates.