Responsible for initiating and coordinating the clerical and secretarial functions required for the effective implementation of administrative policies of a major academic or administrative unit. General administrative review of objectives provided by a designated administrator.
Employees in this class are usually responsible for directing the work of clerical / Technical staff employees in lower classifications. 


  1. Performs typing and transcription duties as required. 
  1. Establishes procedures that implement operational and/or fiscal policies. 
  1. Interprets policies and procedures as established by superiors. 
  1. Compiles data based on research techniques and on statistical compilations involving an understanding of operating unit programs, policies, and procedures. 
  1. Drafts financial, statistical, narrative, and/or other reports as requested.  
  1. Provides authoritative information that tends to establish precedents and which may commit a unit or superior to a policy or course of action. 
  1. Independently composes reports and correspondence containing decisions that tend to establish precedents and which may commit a unit or superior to a course of action.  
  1. Arranges to participate in and implement, as directed, conferences and committee meetings, and office services. 
  2. Other responsibilities.
    1. Handles daily attendance sheets of staff and keeps a proper record. 
    2. Prepares/issues monthly stationery and computer consumables for the team.
    3. Nominates employees for different internal /external courses in accordance with their leave schedule and course history.  
    4. Keep up-to-date records of employees about their courses and leaves. 
    5. Ensures the availability of updated records of KPIs for staff.
    6. Prepares monthly management reports for management.
    7. Prepares agenda for the various meetings and records the minutes of meetings. 
    8. Prepares and update different action plans for the different task carried out by the team.
    9. Drafts memos as per directives.
    10. Keep an up-to-date record of assets under the team including furniture and PCs.


  • Daily technical and administrative contact with the team’s employees.


  • Reports to Admin Supervisor.
  • Works in accordance with the company policy and procedures and compliance with the directives received from the immediate supervisor on administrative matters. 
  • The supervisor is kept informed of the work progress.  


  • Operating PC 80%.
  • Standing/walking 10%.
  • Other 10%.


  • Normal air-conditioned office 80%.
  • Heat 10%.
  • Noise 10%.

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